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Are you looking for cutting-edge strategies to accelerate your hustles growth?

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Here’s why:

Penny Hustles is a leading learning resource for anyone who wants to start or accelerate their personal side-hustle. 🤑

While we provide plenty of helpful content for new hustlers, we also provide in-depth resources for entrepreneurs who want to take their hustle to the next level.

We give you the advice you need to build, grow, and profit from your hustle. So, you can earn a living from what you love to do.

You’ll find tutorials, tactics, and strategies you can put into action right away.

Founding believes of Penny Hustles

  • If we adopt a learning mindset and putting in plenty of time, and hard work – we can accomplish anything.
  • We don’t have to work our a** off 24/7 to make our hustles successful (but be prepared to work a lot to get it off the ground).
  • By working smarter we can ensure we spend more times with those we love.

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How (and why) it all started

Hey, Peter Hellmuth here …

I started Penny Hustles in 2020, as a platform for hustlers to share information, tips and tricks to help likeminded grow their business.

You’ll find blog posts written by myself and a handful of other talented bloggers. I only accept new contributors when I’m confident in their knowledge and experience.

You can find the rules for contributions here.

Here are a few quick facts about me:

  • I have a degree in Communications & Multimedia.
  • I’ve been working with SEO for 10 years, inhouse and agency-side.
  • I’ve built my first website in raw HTML and CSS when I was 18, it wasn’t pretty, but hey you live and you learn. 😅
  • I live in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Since 2010, I’ve learned a lot about marketing, SEO and blogging – particularly what does and doesn’t work. And I’m excited to share that knowledge with you!

Now, let’s take our Penny Hustles to the next level.

Thanks and talk soon.